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The sky's the limit for Top Gun: Maverick hotshot Glen Powell
The actor, who plays “Iceman-adjacent” Hangman, talks about Tom Cruise, getting smacked by Tom Hardy, and why he spent one Fourth of July in a fetal position wearing an American flag tank top.
Richard Linklater says he 'didn't make any money' from directing Dazed and Confused
The director is dropping a truth bomb about the cult classic film: "Everybody has that story of getting screwed with their first project."
The Snub That Still Hurts: Boyhood grew on audiences — but wasn't showy enough for the Academy
In a noisy CG world, Richard Linklater’s lovely, low-key coming-of-age drama was the quiet outlier Hollywood couldn’t quite wrap its head around.
Richard Linklater on creating 'an animated universe' for Apollo 10 ½: A Space Age Childhood
The Boyhood and Before Midnight director returns with film that blends reality in the 1960s with a kid's dreamlike fantasy.
Ethan Hawke is finally ready to embrace his inner villain
The four-time Academy Award nominee takes a rare break to preview his packed 2022.

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