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Mike Flanagan answers The Midnight Club season 2 burning questions after show cancellation
The series creator wrote an extensive blog post addressing topics like the identity of Death, who Dr. Stanton really is, and how a second season would've ended.
The Midnight Club gives rising horror star Igby Rigney more to chew on
Breaking Big: From Midnight Mass to The Midnight Club to The Fall of the House of Usher, 22-year-old Igby Rigney is making his mark on prestige horror.
The best horror series on Netflix
Between gateways to hell, haunted quarters, and hordes of the undead, here are the most frightful shows streaming on Netflix.
Mike Flanagan opens up about the personal journey that shaped his buzzed-about Midnight Mass
Religion. Faith. Addiction. These are as personal and formative for Flanagan as they are for his characters.

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