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Rachel Dratch once had to do an SNL table read lying on the floor after she 'sproinged' her back
Johnny Knoxville couldn't help, but Lorne Michaels did check in from time to time: "'Is Rachel still down there?'"
The best Saturday Night Live cast members, ranked
After 48 seasons and 160+ cast members, it's time for EW to choose the best of the best performers from Saturday Night Live's past and present. Let's get ready to debate.
POTUS on Broadway is a foulmouthed political funhouse farce
The new play by 27-year-old newcomer Selina Fillinger is a rare thing on Broadway.
Get your first look at the star-studded cast of Broadway's new comedy POTUS
"It's a wild ride. It's very funny. And we're just not sure at this point how exactly we're going to get through the whole thing without laughing," teases actress Julie White.

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