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The best sci-fi movies on Netflix right now
Space fascists, Earth-bound scientists, and even telemarketers make up the cosmic horrors and delights in Netflix’s finest sci-fi selections.
The best sci-fi movies on Hulu
If you enjoy mind-bending thrill rides, otherworldly adventures, or a splash of hipster comedy with your alien attacks, this list is for you!
The 5 best erotic thrillers to remind you of what Deep Water could have been
Made during a time when Hollywood wasn’t afraid of sex or dangerous adult fantasies, these movies are the opposite of boring.
Basic Instinct director Paul Verhoeven blasts critics who call his new lesbian nun film 'blasphemy'
'You cannot change history — you cannot change things that happened,' said the 'Benedetta' filmmaker at a press conference at Cannes.
Basic Instinct director denies Sharon Stone's accusation that she was tricked into nude scene
Paul Verhoeven maintains that his recollection is "radically different" from Stone's.
Cannes lineup returns with Wes Anderson, Sean Penn, record number of women-directed films
Cannes returns with a 2021 lineup that includes new movies by Wes Anderson, Sean Penn, Todd Haynes, and a record number of women directors.

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