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Before Scarlett Johansson, Olivia de Havilland took on an all-powerful studio — and won
Hollywood History: Olivia de Havilland's landmark lawsuit against Warner Bros. in the 1940s shares striking parallels to Scarlett Johansson's suit against Disney over Black Widow.
Renée Dorléac, French actress and mother of Catherine Deneuve, dies at 109
Under the stage name Renée-Jeanne Simonot, Dorléac made a career in dubbing, becoming the French voice for stars like Judy Garland, Olivia de Havilland, and Donna Reed.
Squish! Bug out to these 21 movies for Halloween
From 'The Fly' to 'Arachnophobia' to 'Them!,' we've rounded up some of the greatest, grossest insect movies of all time.
Late Greats: Tributes to stars we lost in 2020
In a year devastated by a global pandemic, every death felt a little heavier. And while we may not have personally known the many stars we lost, we did know them — for the words they wrote, the songs they sang, the characters they inhabited. Entertaining us, challenging us, and moving us with their art, their talents, and their stories, all of these luminaries left an indelible mark on pop culture. Here, their costars, collaborators, and celebrity fans pay tribute. 
Olivia de Havilland's lifelong feud with sister Joan Fontaine: A timeline
"If I die first, she'll be furious": The Oscar-winning silver screen sisters traded many barbs over the years.

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The Last Star: An evening with Olivia de Havilland

In 1940, 'Gone With the Wind' swept the Academy Awards. Now, 75 years later, Olivia de Havilland, the film's last surviving star, talks about losing to Hattie McDaniel, swooning for Errol Flynn, and vowing, at 98, to live at least a century.