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House of the Dragon star says Larys doesn't have a foot fetish: 'I think it's weirder than that'
"The apex of his ambition is not feet," Matthew Needham explained of Ser Larys Strong's shocking scene with Queen Alicent.
How Olivia Cooke's performance in House of the Dragon made me think differently about Alicent Hightower
Cooke turned the unlikable Queen Alicent of Fire and Blood into an intriguing, nuanced character.
House of the Dragon marks biggest HBO finale since the end of Game of Thrones
It seems the only thing bigger than House of the Dragon is its predecessor.
The best and worst changes House of the Dragon made from Fire and Blood book
As House of the Dragon concludes its first season, EW goes over which changes from the book we loved... and which ones fell flat.

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House of the Dragon recap: The Targaryen family tension explodes

The kids aren't alright in the latest episode (but Rhaenyra and Daemon are).