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10 TV reboots that should have never been made
Between immediately unveiling the new 'Gossip Girl' villain to turning the 'Knight Rider' Ford into a transformer, here are the worst ills of recent tv reboots.
Titans star Curran Walters on episode 3's tragedy: 'Jason is totally far gone'
The actor discusses Jason Todd/Red Hood's dastardly plan: "What he did to [SPOILER] is going to be really hard to come back from."
Titans season 2 trailer urges Dick Grayson to 'be Batman'
DC Universe drama's new promo reveals new looks at Doctor Light and Krypto, and teases the Titans' violent past with Deathstroke
Detroit: Become Human puts Jesse Williams at the front of an android uprising: EW review
Minka Kelly, Clancy Brown, and Lance Henriksen also lend their voices to this choose-your-own-adventure game.

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