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Mike Flanagan wants to make The Dark Tower TV series after leaving Netflix
Now that his Intrepid Pictures has a new deal at Amazon, the 'Midnight Club' director has his sights set on Stephen King's magnum opus.
Mike Flanagan answers The Midnight Club season 2 burning questions after show cancellation
The series creator wrote an extensive blog post addressing topics like the identity of Death, who Dr. Stanton really is, and how a second season would've ended.
The 20 best horror sequels of all time
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A naive college-aged Flanagan was pressured by Christopher Pike's publishers to destroy his early version.
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Breaking Big: From Midnight Mass to The Midnight Club to The Fall of the House of Usher, 22-year-old Igby Rigney is making his mark on prestige horror.
Midnight Mass team deconstruct that pivotal first AA scene at the heart of the series

Creator Mike Flanagan, executive producer Trevor Macy, and stars Hamish Linklater and Zach Gilford explain how they pulled off the tense Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in episode 2.