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The Last of Us scares up second largest HBO debut in over a decade
The video game adaptation trails only House of the Dragon and Boardwalk Empire in terms of HBO series debuts.
How Merle Dandridge became the only The Last of Us game actor to reprise role in the series
Creators Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin say the new scenes with Marlene and Ellie in the premiere will bring "a greater payoff" by the end of the show.
The lasting legacy of The Last of Us: Game makers explain the hype around HBO series
"This looks like it's just gonna be so authentic to the original games," says game designer Matthew Gallant. "And as someone who loves the original games, I'm so excited to see that being explored in a different medium."
HBO's The Last of Us adds Euphoria's Storm Reid as crucial character from Left Behind DLC
It appears the upcoming video game adaptation will adapt not just the main games, but the DLC as well.

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HBO's The Last of Us casting hints at how the show might be changing things from the games
The characters from Jeffrey Pierce, Murray Bartlett, and Con O'Neill offer more clues as to how the show is adapting the games.