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American Horror Story vets return as new characters for season 2 of spin-off
Clueless star Alicia Silverstone and American Crime Story's Judith Light are also among the cast.
Let CODA's Eugenio Derbez park your heart in The Valet first look
The Hulu original film also stars Samara Weaving, Max Greenfield, and Betsy Brandt.
Carey Mulligan walked a promising path to the Oscars in fuzzy pink slippers
The Promising Young Woman star tells EW about luck, being selective with roles, and giving America the gut punch it needed to shock the system while sporting funky footwear.
Promising Young Woman director breaks down that brutal twist ending
Emerald Fennell tells EW why she chose to end her rape-revenge thriller with a shock.
Why Emerald Fennell cast sweet men to do bad things in Promising Young Woman
Fennell tells EW about weaving guilt and complicity into her meditation on rape culture.
Why The Neighborhood got serious with Black Lives Matter-focused season 3 premiere
"Being a show that is so much about race relationships and the Black experience, we knew that we had the platform and the opportunity and, frankly, the obligation to address the issue," creator Jim Reynolds tells EW of the CBS comedy's tonally-different episode.

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