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Euphoria star Maude Apatow on staging 'highest budget student show ever performed,' hope for Fexi
The star of the HBO drama shares how Lexi's season 2 arc is based on her time as an 'aggro' theater kid, and teases more to come with her relationships with Rue and Fezco.
The Euphoria moms on developing their characters, holding their tongues, and TikTok theories
Euphoria stars Nika King, Alanna Ubach, and Paula Marshall talk about how they differ from their characters, and respond to social media chatter.
King of Staten Island director Judd Apatow gives first in-depth interview about Pete Davidson's tribute to 'heroes'

"This was [Pete's] way of talking about heroes and how important they are — and we see that every day now," Apatow tells EW.