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The American Psycho cast: Where are they now?
It's been over two decades since American Psycho slashed its way into theaters, bringing us the musings and madness of Patrick Bateman. Let's see what its now-all-star cast has been up to. 
Whoopi Goldberg spits on The View stage over leaked Uvalde shooting video: 'Shame on you'
"I think it's appalling and you should be ashamed of yourselves for doing that," the TV personality said after the Austin American-Statesman leaked footage from inside the Uvalde school shooting.
Matthew McConaughey visits White House to remember Uvalde victims, advocate for gun law reform
A native of the small town where the tragedy occurred, McConaughey also held meetings with lawmakers on Capitol Hill
Matthew McConaughey calls for bipartisan action amid gun 'epidemic' after Uvalde shooting in his hometown
'This is an epidemic we can control, whichever side of the aisle we may stand on,' McConaughey tweeted, joining Taylor Swift, Viola Davis, and more speaking out against gun violence.
Richard Linklater says he 'didn't make any money' from directing Dazed and Confused
The director is dropping a truth bomb about the cult classic film: "Everybody has that story of getting screwed with their first project."

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Matthew McConaughey says he's not running for governor of Texas after all

The Oscar-winning actor decided the role was... all wrong, all wrong, all wrong.