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George Clooney and Julia Roberts pranked a sleeping Richard Kind by moving his bed into a casino
"There were a lot of like, old ladies with that thing," Clooney said as he mimed pulling a slot machine handle. "Like, 'What the hell's that guy [doing]?"
Kevin Smith says Dogma is being held hostage by Harvey Weinstein, 'the devil himself'
According to the Clerks III director, the disgraced Miramax producer is the reason why the 1999 religious satire isn't available to stream or buy anywhere.
The top 20 fall movies to celebrate the season
Sit back, sip something pumpkin spice, and enjoy the autumn vibes of these quintessential fall films.
The best sci-fi movies on Netflix right now
Time travel, mutant creatures, and even telemarketers make up the cosmic horrors and delights in Netflix’s finest sci-fi selections.

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Spanning 80 years of action, gore, terror, romance, and the occasional laughs, here are the best World War II features to give you a movie night to remember.
2002 rewatch: How The Bourne Identity reinvented action for the new millennium
Returning to the seminal thriller, it's clear how low-key radical it was for the times.