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The many faces of Loki in Marvel comics
To better understand where the Disney+ show might be going, let's review the Marvel trickster's history of shapeshifting.
Jupiter's Legacy is done after one season at Netflix
We're gonna miss you, hot senior-citizen superheroes — but a spin-off is in the works.
The Magic Order TV series is back in development as Netflix previews more Millarworld projects
Ahead of the premiere of Jupiter's Legacy, Mark Millar offers updates on a number of other projects coming to Netflix.
Jupiter's Legacy trailer brings a new kind of superhero family to Netflix
Watch Josh Duhamel play the world's premiere superhero, the Utopian.
Jupiter's Legacy first look: Mark Millar likens series to The Incredibles but with 'nightmare' kids
"What if the world's coolest guy, like Superman, married the world's coolest woman, like Wonder Woman, and they had these f---ing awful children?"

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