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12 great black-and-white TV episodes
From Pretty Little Liars to Twin Peaks, it's never a bad time for a black-and-white episode, so long as it's done right. Here are the shows that knocked it out of the park.
Ragdoll showrunner explains why he infused the gruesome serial killer thriller with comedy
"Everyone's got a sense of humor, it's weird to meet someone who doesn't," Freddy Syborn says. "And yet so many thrillers and lots of TV shows don't necessarily acknowledge that."
Lucy Hale says she 'had to fight for' her role on 'disturbing' serial killer thriller Ragdoll
"If I'm being honest, I didn't think I had a shot at it because this is really different for me. But I knew that I could do it," the actor tells EW.
Robert Downey Jr., Kate Hudson, and Anne Hathaway deemed among the worst performers of the year by Razzies
The Razzie Awards have named problematic movies '365 Days' and Sia's 'Music' as the worst of the year. See the list of nominees here.

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