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The Dead to Me cast's drinking guide (Karen's orange wine not included)
Liz Feldman, Linda Cardellini, Christina Applegate, James Marsden, and more toast to three seasons of friendship, support group, and a lot of wine.
How Dead to Me season 3's biggest twists (babies! deaths!) bring the series full circle
Series creator Liz Feldman breaks down Jen and Judy's final ride: "Everything that you see is a deliberate choice and everything that you don't see is also a deliberate choice."
Steve, Ben… and Mark? James Marsden jokingly pitched a triplet for Dead to Me's final season
"We should have another brother for every season we do of this show," he tells EW.
Dead to Me star Linda Cardellini believes Judy's fate is a choose-your-own adventure
"I do think that there are different versions of how the story ends for people," she tells EW. "The one thing about Judy is you never know if she's totally telling the truth."
Yes, Linda Cardellini had ER flashbacks on set of Dead to Me with Garret Dillahunt
"I murder him in his sleep on ER, so maybe he fares a little better in this show," the actress tells EW. "You never know."

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