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Adam Brody says wife Leighton Meester was 'perfectly willing' to let their love never happen
The O.C. star discussed his meet-not-so-cute with his future spouse on Penn Badgley's podcast.
How I Met Your Father creators on HIMYM callbacks and plans for season 2
Isaac Aptaker and Elizabeth Berger tell EW they're looking forward to doing "some epic nights out" in the recently greenlit season 2.
Cobie Smulders returns as Robin Scherbatsky in How I Met Your Father season 1 finale
"The door is definitely open to having more of the gang return," co-creator Isaac Aptaker tells EW.
Who's who on the HBO Max Gossip Girl reboot
Series creator and showrunner Joshua Safran spills the deets on those impossibly cool teens hanging on the Met steps.
Leighton Meester and Adam Brody welcome son: 'He's a dream boy'
Leighton Meester and Adam Brody's new addition joins big sister Arlo, whom the couple welcomed in August 2015.

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