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Shadow and Bone prequel novel sheds light on the villainous Darkling's past
Grishaverse mastermind Leigh Bardugo teamed with artist Dani Pendergast for Demon in the Wood, a graphic novel that brings fans an illuminating new chapter in the Darkling's origin story.
Shadow and Bone season 2's new casting hints at which books will get adapted
Filming has officially begun on season 2 which adapts Siege and Storm, as well as other books in the Grishaverse series.
Shadow and Bone cast discuss bringing years of 'what if?' Grishaverse questions to the screen
The stars and creators of Netflix's fantasy series unpacks the big moments of season 1.
Shadow and Bone team answer burning questions about the finale and season 2 potential
Author Leigh Bardugo, showrunner Eric Heisserer, and actor Ben Barnes unpack the final moments of season 1.

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Ben Barnes untangles the complexity of General Kirigan on Shadow and Bone
The actor was inspired by everyone from Maximus in Gladiator to Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.
Shadow and Bone team discuss the impact of updating main character's race for the Netflix series
Author and Shadow and Bone executive producer Leigh Bardugo wanted to "shed a different kind of light" with the TV adaptation.
Netflix's Shadow and Bone adaptation reveals premiere date, series details

In a statement alongside a new teaser, Shadow and Bone author Leigh Bardugo and showrunner Eric Heisserer revealed how the series will interweave characters from the Grisha and Six of Crows books.