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Colman Domingo was 'mortified' when Oprah learned about his naughty impression of her
The actor blames Lee Daniels for spilling the beans about his 'highly sexually-charged' impression.
Coronji Calhoun Sr., actor who played Halle Berry's son in Monster's Ball, dies at 30
Berry and producer Lee Daniels donated $3,394 each to the late child actor's family after his death.
How the new Wonder Years captured the spirit of the original — and why it's not a remake
Showrunner Saladin K. Patterson, producer-director Fred Savage, and star Elisha "EJ" Williams discuss bringing their "reimagining" of the classic coming-of-age series to life.

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Lee Daniels fired 'disrespectful' Precious crew after white DP couldn't light Black skin
During a TIFF reunion, Daniels and Gabourey Sidibe said the original cinematographer made the actress' skin look green: "That was one of the major problems with him."