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Filmmaker Lars von Trier diagnosed with Parkinson's disease
His production company Zentropa announced the news on Monday, adding that the director is in “good spirits and is being treated for his symptoms” while he continues to work.
The American Psycho cast: Where are they now?
It's been over two decades since American Psycho slashed its way into theaters, bringing us the musings and madness of Patrick Bateman. Let's see what its now-all-star cast has been up to. 
Weird Al Yankovic film, David Bowie doc, Squid Game star's directorial debut, more join full TIFF 2022 lineup
New titles from Daniel Radcliffe, Brendan Fraser, Tyler Perry, Olivia Colman, Laura Dern, Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, and more join the Toronto International Film Festival slate.
How Swan Song star Udo Kier became a leading man after 50 years in the business
The film icon talks about his incredible career and getting the best reviews of his life portraying a retired gay hairdresser tending to the corpse of a former client.

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