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The Walking Dead cast give 100% fake finale character endings
We asked the cast of The Walking Dead to make up their own endings for each of their characters, and boy did they come up with some doozies!
Is Eugene on trial in new Walking Dead trailer?
An exclusive sneak peek appears to show Eugene in a courtroom, and a friendly face may be up against him.
The Boys cast unpacks the mind-blowing season 2 finale twist
EW had an open spoiler-centric chat with the cast and showrunner Eric Kripke about that finale and heading into season 3.
X-Men's Shawn Ashmore uncovers the 'deep history' of Lamplighter on The Boys
A blast from the past: The Boys season 2 finally introduces Lamplighter by way of Shawn Ashmore.

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Liberty unmasked: The Boys EP pulls back the hood of [SPOILER]'s secret identity
Liberty's identity was revealed on The Boys season 2 and the true villain is... systemic racism.
X-Men star Shawn Ashmore joins The Boys season 2 as Lamplighter
A story of fire and ice: Ashmore once played Iceman in the X-Men franchise. Now, he's all about fire.