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Secret Celebrity Drag Race queen Kevin McHale says Glee costar Lea Michele would kill the reading challenge
"I hope she does a TikTok with that. It would be great if someone edited her into a reading challenge on Drag Race," McHale — a.k.a. Chic-Li-Fay — tells EW.

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Lady Gaga dedicates D.C. Chromatica tour set to abortion rights: 'We will not stop until it's right'
"What about all the women who are raped, what about all the women that are dying giving childbirth?" Gaga said during a performance of "The Edge of Glory."
Suspect in shooting of Lady Gaga's dog walker re-arrested after accidental release
The 19-year-old, released by mistake from jail in early April, allegedly shot the pop star's dog walker in 2021 and fled with the singer's two dogs.
The 20 best Diane Warren songs

In honor of Diane Warren earning an honorary Oscar after 13 nominations, here's a look back on her greatest hits.