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Halloween set the standard for the slasher genre, and featured a number of first-time actors and familiar faces alike. Here's what the cast is up to decades later.
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As Halloween Ends brings Michael and Laurie's final battle to theaters, here’s EW's ranking of all the previous films in the classic horror franchise, from worst to best.
See first photos of the only Christmas movie with The Real Housewives and Breaking Bad stars
The Housewives of the North Pole, which stars Betsy Brandt and Kyle Richards, debuts in December on Peacock.

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David Gordon Green on resurrecting Michael Myers, casting Kyle Richards, and how 'violence became a character' in the franchise's latest installment.
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The Real Housewives star — who reprises her Halloween role of Lindsey Wallace in the slasher franchise's 2021 installment — on rats, Jamie Lee, and if she's actually a scary movie fan.
Kyle Richards returns to the Halloween franchise 43 years after starring in the original film

The actress and 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' cast member will face off against Michael Myers in Halloween Kills, the latest installment of the classic slasher series.