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The best Christmas movies on Hulu
From kisses under the mistletoe to irreverent seasonal fun, the ghosts of Christmas movies past and present visit EW's list of must-watch holiday films on Hulu.
The real-life places where Twilight was filmed
There's no shortage of moody Pacific Northwest locales on Twilight's film set roster, and you can visit many of them yourself in real-life.
Billy Eichner disappointed by Bros box office: Straight people 'just didn't show up'
"That’s just the world we live in, unfortunately," the Bros writer-star tweeted after the film finished in fourth place over its opening weekend.
15 of the best movies about the British royal family
In honor of Queen Elizabeth II, here are the best films about the British royal family, from recent dramas to centuries-old feuds.
Bros' Billy Eichner clarifies quote about 'disposable' LGBT streaming movies: 'I truly am so sorry'
'I was not at ALL referring to the quality or monumental impact of streaming films," Eichner said, but rather the way 'LGBTQ+ content has often been considered niche and disregarded.'
The 32 best vampire movies
From underrated remakes and a classic ‘80s neo-Western to a French showbiz satire, here are our picks for the most essential, must-watch vampire films.

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Kristen Stewart cameo brought 'happy energy' to Irma Vep set with Alicia Vikander
"We talked about furniture!" Vikander tells EW of the frequent Olivier Assayas collaborator joining her for a cameo on the HBO miniseries finale.
David Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future triumphs at Cannes after director predicted walkouts in first 5 minutes

The director predicted walkouts within the first five minutes but the premiere elicited a seven-minute ovation.