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The Kardashians season 2 trailer: Yes, Pete Davidson DOES want to shower with Kim, thanks for asking
Season one of The Kardashians just ended, but Hulu wants all of us to know that Pete Davidson will appear in season 2.
The Kardashians first look: Kris Jenner's practice 'MasterClass' gets off to a choppy start
In this exclusive preview of Thursday's episode of The Kardashians, the momager's attempt to remember an important lesson from her late husband turns into a loopy game of word association.
The Kardashians finally mentions Kim's romance with Pete Davidson (sort of)
Five episodes in, desperate producers finally manage to get an oblique reference to Kim's 'SNL'-star boyfriend into the Hulu series.

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The Kardashians recap: Welp, here comes Kanye with Kim's sex tape in a suitcase
Kanye gifts Kim a very special hard drive right before she hits the SNL stage, while Kris reminisces about hanging out with O.J. Simpson in New York.
Kris Jenner testifies that she 'did not have any influence' to cancel Blac Chyna's E! show
The Kardashian matriarch took the stand for two emotional days of court testimony in Chyna's $100 million lawsuit against the family.
The Kardashians review: Kim's sex-tape 'scandal' hits different in 2022

The Kardashian klan is back with a new reality TV show on Hulu, which has a few key differences from their old reality TV show on E!