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The 15 best John Williams scores, ranked
John Williams has crafted the sounds of intergalactic battles (Star Wars), dinosaur-filled islands (Jurassic Park), the horrors of war (Saving Private Ryan), and wizarding worlds (Harry Potter). Here's our ranking of his most iconic compositions.
Tokyo Vice star Ken Watanabe talks Godzilla, Broadway, and highlights from his decades-long career
The Japanese actor walks us through the movie, TV, and theater roles that shaped his career.
What Michael Mann brought to Tokyo Vice
The famed filmmaker directed the first episode of the new HBO Max crime series. Creator J.T. Rogers and star Ken Watanabe tell EW how he helped set the tone for the show.
How HBO Max's Tokyo Vice differs from Miami Vice
They both involve input from director Michael Mann, but the new series differs significantly from the classic '80s franchise. Allow us to explain.
What to Watch podcast: Ansel Elgort heads to Japan in new crime drama Tokyo Vice
Plus, 'The Dropout' drops its final episode and Netflix makes its 'Return to Space' with a new documentary.

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