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Katy Perry falls out of her chair on American Idol while dressed as the Little Mermaid
On Sunday's episode, Perry learned the hard way that flipping your fins won't get you too far.
Ed Sheeran slams 'damaging' uptick of songwriting lawsuits after winning 'Shape of You' copyright case
The British singer-songwriter's 11-day trial saw Sami Switch alleging that he stole ideas for the Grammy-winning song. 'I'm not a corporation. I'm a human being,' Sheeran responded.
Meta, what? How the metaverse and augmented reality will transform entertainment
Joe Russo, Katy Perry, Seth Rogen, and other industry insiders look ahead at the wild changes that await pop culture 10 years from now.
Watch American Idol contestant get a standing ovation after overcoming stage fright
Kelsie Dolin, who had never performed in a venue before, overcame her nerves to deliver an emotional performance that earned her a standing ovation.

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Hollywood 2032: The far-out future of entertainment
Your exclusive, not-at-all-hypothetical look at pop culture a decade from now, including augmented reality and virtual movie stars.
American Idol judges get into emotional debate after Aretha Franklin's granddaughter auditions
While Grace Franklin's audition wowed Katy Perry, co-judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie didn't feel the teen was ready.