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IMDb TV changes name to Amazon Freevee
The home of 'Judy Justice' and the 'Bosch' spin-off will rebrand as of April 27.
Judge Judy bailiff on surprise absence: 'She didn't ask me' to be on the new show
Fans were shocked to see Petri Hawkins Byrd not included in trailers for 'Judy Justice.'
Judge Judy returns to devour litigants in first Judy Justice preview
Judyisms, a new cast, and a flashy purple robe abound in the first trailer for Judith Sheindlin's new IMDb TV court show.
Judge Judy details tension with CBS ahead of ending her hit show: 'You disrespected my creation'
"We had a nice marriage... It's going to be a Bill and Melinda Gates divorce," Judy Sheindlin said in a new interview.
Judge Judy aims to remain TV's highest-paid host with new show: 'My compensation has not been a secret'
Judge Judy discusses ending her court show, her salary as TV's highest paid woman, and her new show 'Judy Justice' at Amazon.

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Judge Judy will end in 2021 after 25 seasons, with new show Judy Justice in the works
'Judge Judy' will end in 2021 after 25 seasons, with new show 'Judy Justice' featuring Judy Sheindlin in the works. 'Judge Judy' will still air reruns after new episodes end.