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Why that unexpected Doctor Strange cameo was a full-circle moment for [SPOILER] and the MCU
Of all the Illuminati, one casting in particular sticks out — and no, it's not Patrick Stewart.
Kieron Gillen teases the mutant politics of Immortal X-Men
The writer shares what to expect from his new comic with artist Lucas Werneck that focuses on the Quiet Council of Krakoa: Mr. Sinister, Exodus, Destiny, Mystique, and more.
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How the next big X-Men comic event will bring a reckoning for Wolverine
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The Marvel Unlimited app relaunches with exclusive Infinity Comics by Jonathan Hickman and others
Marvel's new app comes with technical fixes, unlimited downloads, enhanced content curation, and exclusive new, digital-only, vertical-style Infinity Comics by star creators.

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