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Will Smith returns in the brutal Emancipation, while Jim Parsons and Tilda Swinton grapple with grief
What's worth your time in movies and TV this weekend? EW's critics review the latest releases: Emancipation, Spoiler Alert, Sr., Violent Night, and The Eternal Daughter.
How a local TV sketch became the David Harbour action movie Violent Night
'Violent Night' writers originally came up with the idea for the David Harbour-starring film while they were still in high school
John Leguizamo says he based his character in The Menu on Steven Seagal
Leguizamo plays a washed-up action star alongside Anya Taylor-Joy, Nicholas Hoult, and Ralph Fiennes in the dark comedy.
John Leguizamo, OG cinematic Luigi, says new Super Mario Bros. movie casting 'kinda sucks'
Leguizamo feels that it's a step "backwards" to not cast another actor of color as the beloved video game sidekick.

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Here's why Disney sensation 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' isn't an Oscar nominee

Despite its huge popularity, 'Bruno' wasn't submitted for awards consideration — but another nominated Encanto tune could make Disney history if it wins.