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Moonshot, Moon Knight, and Moonfall: Moonsplaining the Moon trend
Which Moons are actually about the moon? It's complicated.
Marry Me review: A forgettable rom-com wisp
Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson star in the wan, wistful fantasy of two strangers who meet at the altar.
Moonfall review: Roland Emmerich loves a global catastrophe, but forgets to be funny
Scram, Cats — there’s a new onscreen nadir to entertain survivors in their bunkers
Roland Emmerich breaks down the epic new Moonfall trailer: What's behind the lunar mayhem?
If the moon isn't what we think it is, then what is it? The director breaks down the trailer for his disaster movie with EW.
Jennifer Lopez's epic rom-com return feels like true love in first Marry Me preview
Lopez makes sweet romance (and new music) with Owen Wilson and Maluma in the new trailer for Marry Me, her first romantic comedy since 2012 (and, no, Second Act is not a rom-com).
Halle Berry hurtles through space in bonkers Moonfall teaser trailer
Berry rockets to the stars with Patrick Wilson in the bonkers trailer for Roland Emmerich's new disaster movie.

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