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Doom Patrol star Mark Sheppard says season 4 is 'really good as an ending'
The actor tells EW that showrunner Jeremy Carver, who he has known since their days on Supernatural together, planned for season 4 to be the surreal superhero show's finale.
Doom Patrol showrunner breaks down Casey Brinke's debut and the relevance of Danny the Street
Jeremy Carver talks about the "nuance" Madeline Zima brings to the bright-eyed new superhero, and why it made sense to show that "even the safe space isn't entirely safe."
Michelle Gomez brings Madame Rouge to Doom Patrol in new season 3 photos
"What she brings to the show is just thrilling," says showrunner Jeremy Carver.
Psychedelic Doom Patrol season 3 teaser previews the arrival of classic villains
Get a peek at the Brain and Monsieur Mallah in the first look at the new season of the strangest superhero show.

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