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2002 rewatch: Mr. Deeds launched Adam Sandler's biggest decade, for better and worse
Winona Ryder costars in a Frank Capra remake, which stuffs celebrity cameos and standing-ovation populism into a billion-dollar inheritance farce.
Morbius sinks teeth into box office with $39.1 million debut
Jared Leto's superhero-horror hybrid film is No. 1 at the box office.
Michael Keaton helps unlock the Spider-verse in final Morbius trailer: 'Discover who you're meant to be'
Is this an alternate-reality version of Adrian Toomes from Spider-Man: Homecoming?
Lee Pace is bringing sheer crop-top energy to Foundation season 2
Pace's Foundation wardrobe is single-handedly giving the Euphoria crew a run for their money.
The new Morbius trailer gives us our best look yet at Jared Leto's vampire transformation
The Oscar winner also makes a Venom joke in the new footage, hinting at a connection.

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Foundation review: An ambitious, expensive, and uneven adaptation of a sci-fi classic
Apple TV+ shoots for the stars with its most ambitious effort to date. Unfortunately, the series ends up feeling rather alienating.
Foundation showrunner breaks down the new trailer for Apple's sprawling sci-fi series
David S. Goyer speaks to EW about adapting Isaac Asimov's influential books for the first time.
Jared Harris and Lee Pace to star in Apple's adaptation of Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels

Harris will star as mathematical genius Hair Seldon and Pace will play Brother Day, the current Emperor of the Galaxy.