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The original Scream cast: Where are they now?
Neve Campbell. Courteney Cox. David Arquette. EW throws it back to the cast that started it all.
Criminal Minds seasons, ranked from worst to best
The BAU has battled gruesome, villainous unsubs for over 300 episodes. As its Evolution is underway, EW ranks the 15 original seasons of Criminal Minds, from watchable to skippable.
The best horror movies of the '90s
The '90s may not be remembered as one of horror's best decades, but these scary movies have still stood the test of time.
The Scream movies, ranked
After decades of satirical meta-horror, Scream-mania is still going strong. Here’s our bottom-to-top ranking of the five installments in this monumental franchise.
Can you survive this oral history of Scream's 'horror rules' scene?
How to successfully survive a horror movie? This meta Scream scene — recalled by Kevin Williamson and the movie’s stars — explains it all.
How Ad Astra director James Gray landed the film's deliciously 'weird' cameo
Writer-director exclusively tells EW about how he snagged an 'Orange Is the New Black' actress for a delightful bit opposite Brad Pitt.

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