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The Dead to Me cast's drinking guide (Karen's orange wine not included)
Liz Feldman, Linda Cardellini, Christina Applegate, James Marsden, and more toast to three seasons of friendship, support group, and a lot of wine.
Steve, Ben… and Mark? James Marsden jokingly pitched a triplet for Dead to Me's final season
"We should have another brother for every season we do of this show," he tells EW.
Dead to Me star Linda Cardellini believes Judy's fate is a choose-your-own adventure
"I do think that there are different versions of how the story ends for people," she tells EW. "The one thing about Judy is you never know if she's totally telling the truth."
Disenchanted, then and now: The characters of the Enchanted sequel
Fifteen years later, 2007's Enchanted is getting a sequel, Disenchanted (now streaming on Disney+). A lot has changed: Princess-turned-New-York-mom Giselle (Amy Adams) longs for the simpler days when Morgan, now a teenager, loved fairy tales. And with a new baby, Giselle and Robert (Patrick Dempsey) don't have as much time as they used to. So they move to the suburbs, and after Giselle makes a wish for them to live fairy-tale lives, she forgets that in fairy tales, stepmothers are pretty wicked.  Click through and read about each character, then and now. Warning: This story contains spoilers for both Enchanted and Disenchanted.

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HBO has ended the futuristic epic years after the original inspiration got lost in ludicrous twists and shaky concepts.
Christina Applegate was determined to finish the final season of Dead to Me amid multiple sclerosis diagnosis
The star opens up about the challenges of filming the last season of the Emmy-nominated series amid her diagnosis.
Westworld recap: Survival of the fittest

The players assemble for one last game.