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Man dressed as Gandalf for birthday night out has magical chance encounter with LOTR star Ian McKellen 
A man who dressed up as Gandalf for his birthday managed to conjure up his big-screen counterpart during his night out on the town.
The 10 best Sherlock Holmes performances, ranked
We donned our deerstalker hats and ranked the best versions of the iconic detective — including all the Basils, Benedicts, and Bretts.
Brian Cox doesn't want Succession to become like Billions: 'That's past its sell-by date'
The legendary actor also shared how he sometimes enjoys "the weed" before bedtime.
Ian McKellen doesn't think gay roles should be reserved for gay actors: 'We're pretending'
'Does that mean I can't play straight parts and I'm not allowed to explore the fascinating subject of heterosexuality in Macbeth?'
The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit stars want to save J.R.R. Tolkien's house from being sold
Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, and more are hoping to turn the late fantasy author's home into a center.

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