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Patrick Stewart, Star Trek: Picard showrunner on resurrecting the Borg Queen
Star Trek: First Contact star Alice Krige returned as the voice of the Borg Queen.
Picard boss on final season's big twist: 'It wasn't something to be taken lightly'
"We wanted to, certainly, protect the big twist of the season and make the audience truly understand it," says showrunner Terry Matalas.
Michael Dorn recalls trolling some Star Trek haters with his Worf voice in an elevator
Dorn told the story as he reunited with his Star Trek: The Next Generation cast on Whoopi Goldberg's special edition of The View.
Picard season 3 is the final adventure The Next Generation cast never got
"That was the goal from the beginning, to send 'em off in one final adventure that was both thrilling and deeply personal," says showrunner Terry Matalas.

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LeVar Burton's own daughter is playing own of his on-screen daughters in the final season.
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EW spoke with Lower Decks creator Mike McMahan and one of his special guests to see how this epic reunion came together.