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Margot Robbie tried to get Gal Gadot to bring her 'Barbie energy' to the Barbie movie
The Wonder Woman star wasn't available but said on social media that she's "in it for the next one sister!"
How Shazam! Fury of the Gods lassoed that Wonder Woman cameo
Zachary Levi tells EW how Gal Gadot's surprise appearance came together: "I was just stoked that she was down to it."
A guide to all the Fast X cameos — including how the film pulled off a resurrection
It wouldn't be Fast & Furious if someone who seemingly died popped up alive and well a few films later.
Heart of Stone director wants Gal Gadot's spy thriller to be like a female-led Bond franchise
"[This is] a genre that is full of great franchises, but things that have been around for a long time — the Mission: Impossibles or the Bonds or the Bournes," director Tom Harper says.
Shazam! director reacts to new ad's huge DCU cameo spoiler: 'Maybe don't be online or watch TV'
David F. Sandberg called the character reveal 'less ideal' for fans who were already planning to see the superhero sequel.

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James Gunn on claim that Gal Gadot was 'booted' from Wonder Woman: 'Not sure where you're getting that'
The director was recently named co-chair of DC Films alongside producer Peter Safran.
See Gal Gadot as a super spy in Netflix's upcoming thriller Heart of Stone
Gadot, Jamie Dornan, and Alia Bhatt take you behind the scenes of the new film, coming to the streamer next year.