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Meet 'Jane Goodall for zombies': Resident Evil sets up puzzle box mystery in 8 new photos
Showrunner Andrew Dabb sets up the central mystery of his series, which is split between two timelines.
Resident Evil showrunner teases greater mystery behind swapping Wesker's race for Netflix series
The reason may be more complicated beyond, Lance Reddick wanted to do it and you just don't say no to Lance Reddick. Which is also, fair.
The Resident Evil video games are the backstory for Netflix's live-action series
Yes, even the tall vampire lady from Resident Evil: Village exists in this world.
Resident Evil live-action series brings new representation to franchise with cast
Lance Reddick is the first person of color to play Albert Wesker, a character pulled straight from the games.
How Shana Feste turned a bad date into a horror story with Sundance thriller Run Sweetheart Run
See a new image from the 'social horror film' inspired by Get Out and Rosemary's Baby.

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