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The 16 best shows to watch during Pride Month
From coming-of-age dramas, to swashbuckling romance, to dazzling ballroom displays, here's a list of fun, fabulous, engaging, and must-watch shows that flourish with LGBTQ+ representation.
Devon Sawa will return from the grave to play new character in Chucky season 2
The Final Destination star died (twice!) in season 1 of the killer doll show.
Chucky creator Don Mancini reveals the first film that scared the s--- out of him
The man who dreamed up the Child's Play slasher icon was seriously influenced by 1976's The Omen.
Chucky reveals how he would kill Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, and Hannibal Lecter
We asked the maniac doll to dish on some of his wildest slasher fantasies.
Chucky trailer teases 'world series of slaughter'
The show's promo premiered during the Legacy of Chucky panel at Comic-Con on Sunday.
How Hannibal helped inspire the Chucky TV show
Child's Play creator Don Mancini explains how working on the Hannibal Lecter series led to him transferring the 'Child's Play' franchise to the small screen

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