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Lady Gaga producer DJ White Shadow reveals the secrets of ARTPOP: Act II
Lady Gaga producer DJ White Shadow reveals 'ARTPOP: Act II' tea, to 'Onion Girl' and beyond in EW's candid interview.
Lady Gaga addresses fans boosting ARTPOP up the iTunes chart as Act II petition surges
Gaga's underrated 2013 album is climbing the U.S. charts as fans circulate a petition to release more songs from the LP.
Lady Gaga producer reveals ARTPOP era left him 'broken,' teases Act II songs
DJ White Shadow revealed struggles with lingering 'trauma' from his friend Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' era, and urged fans to keep fighting for the release of new 'ARTPOP: Act II' songs: 'Don't let them die.'

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