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Joe Jonas cried when Nick Jonas booked The Voice coach role over him: 'I was so jealous'
'I'm super happy for him, but I'm also bummed because I want that f---ing gig,' the middle Jonas brother said in a new episode of Dax Shepard's podcast.
Scarlett Johansson recalls being 'hyper-sexualized' early in her career
The Oscar-nominee says she was pigeonholed into hyper-sexual roles and she figured that would be the career she would have.
Celebrity podcasts are everywhere — and the deluge of downloads has only just begun
Seth Rogen! Ellen Pompeo! Rob Lowe! Why A (or B, or C) listers see value in the podcasting boom.
Hear Kristen Bell sing about being 'f---ing awkward' in Ultra City Smiths first look
In an exclusive preview of the stop-motion-animation mystery-comedy, the actress voices Donella Pecker, a government official ready to step out of her idiot husband's shadow and run for mayor.

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