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Dave Bautista says 'it's been extremely challenging' breaking out of action roles
Knock at the Cabin was the actor's "put up or shut up moment" after saying for years that he wants meatier parts.
Knock at the Cabin's Ben Aldridge defies old Hollywood fears after coming out: 'I'm meeting myself in my work'
For LGBTQ actors, coming out can mean career suicide. At least, that's the fear. The star of Pennyworth, Spoiler Alert, and now Knock at the Cabin has only flourished since he claimed his identity.
Knock at the Cabin review: M. Night Shyamalan goes dystopian in the woods
The man behind Old, Split, and The Sixth Sense returns with an intriguing but underbaked end-of-the-world thriller.
Save your family or save the world? Knock at the Cabin trailer answers M. Night Shyamalan mystery
Would you sacrifice your family to save humanity? That's assuming you believe a bunch of crazed home invaders who bust into your house.

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