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How D.B. Weiss and Tom Morello's sons playing together in a band led to making Metal Lords
"Metal Lords is this generation's rock 'n' roll movie, that's it," Morello says.
The Three-Body Problem series 'pushes a lot of the same buttons' as Game of Thrones
"It's like a science-fiction show that is painted on a very large canvas of space and time," says the Thrones co-creator.
Game of Thrones co-creator doesn't anticipate a return for the spin-offs: 'It was time to move on'
D.B. Weiss says he and David Benioff are ready to build "lots of something elses."
Metal Lords first look: Game of Thrones creator throws it back to high school rock
Get an exclusive inside look at D.B. Weiss' first movie for Netflix after striking a massive deal with his Thrones cohort David Benioff.
Emilia Clarke reignites Game of Thrones coffee cup mystery: 'Looking at you, [SPOILER]'
In EW's exclusive look at theSkimm's Texting With, the actress adds another suspect in the ongoing saga.

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