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Billions recap: The traps you set for yourself
In one of the series’ best season finales, Chuck and Prince square off in a battle that will end with one of them in jail.
Billions recap: All is fair in love, politics, and war
Chuck looks to bounce back from defeat and once again go to war with Mike Prince, but Prince has a bold new vision to pursue.
Billions recap: The downfall of Chuck Rhoades
After losing out on the Olympics, Prince sets his sights on removing Chuck as the Attorney General of New York.
Billions recap: Prince's beloved Olympics bid goes up in smoke
Prince loses it all in a twisty, devastating episode of Billions.
Billions recap: Michael Prince, the new King of New York
It’s finally time for the Olympics host city to be announced, and Chuck makes one final attempt at ruining Prince’s bid
Billions recap: No good deed goes unpunished
While Prince tries to bring new, clean money into the firm, Chuck works to install a mole within his rival’s business.

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Billions recap: Chuck and Prince shake-up their teams and look to the future
Prince is dealing with a PR crisis as Chuck must find a way to replace Kate Sacker.
Billions recap: Chuck's world starts falling apart
Chuck gets overconfident in his battle with Prince, and ends up losing one of his most valuable team members.
First West Side Story reactions laud 'top-tier Spielberg' film's 'breathtaking' Sondheim tribute

Rachel Zegler and Rita Moreno emerge as potential Oscar contenders as the first reactions from the film's premiere tout emotionally charged work from the cast.