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The American Psycho cast: Where are they now?
It's been over two decades since American Psycho slashed its way into theaters, bringing us the musings and madness of Patrick Bateman. Let's see what its now-all-star cast has been up to. 
Cillian Murphy is the most important man who ever lived in teaser for Christopher Nolan's Oppenheimer
The 'Peaky Blinders' star plays the father of the atomic bomb in the new biopic from the 'Interstellar' director.
Christian Bale says he'd play Batman again on one condition
Move over Robert Pattinson. Christian Bale could be returning as the Caped Crusader… if a certain auteur sends up his bat signal. 
The best World War II movies of all time
Spanning 80 years of action, gore, terror, romance, and the occasional laughs, here are the best World War II features to give you a movie night to remember.
The sky's the limit for Top Gun: Maverick hotshot Glen Powell
The actor, who plays “Iceman-adjacent” Hangman, talks about Tom Cruise, getting smacked by Tom Hardy, and why he spent one Fourth of July in a fetal position wearing an American flag tank top.

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Hollywood 2032: The far-out future of entertainment
Your exclusive, not-at-all-hypothetical look at pop culture a decade from now, including augmented reality and virtual movie stars.
Batman Rewatch: The LEGO Batman Movie and The Batman bury the Dark Knight to heap on praise
Will Arnett and Robert Pattinson are more alike than they should be in a hijinks cartoon and a low-jinks thriller.