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This Is Us recap: The Pearsons say their final goodbyes to Rebecca
As Rebecca imagines riding an elegant train, her loved ones lovingly bid her their final goodbyes. Meanwhile, Déjà reveals a secret and mysteries unfold of a boy in a car crash and a medical researcher.
This Is Us producer breaks down the fall of Kate and Toby, and the rise of Kate and Phillip
Executive producer Elizabeth Berger, who co-wrote the time-trippy episode "Katoby," also reveals why the writers decided to answer the mystery about Kate's status in the future here.
This Is Us recap: Toby and Kate wrestle with their changed relationship
Kate and Toby try to figure out what to bend so their marriage and family doesn't break, as each has found long-awaited happiness in separate worlds.
This Is Us star Chris Geere hints of Kate's future husband, Phillip: 'He's a miserable person'
"But he’s a really nice person underneath," says the actor. "Chipping away at those things is going to be super fun."
This Is Us final season trailer features Phillip with his eye on Kate
The Big Three celebrate their 41st birthday in the season 6 premiere.

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This Is Us star Mandy Moore breaks down Rebecca's apology, final season wish list
"She really feels the burden of the clock ticking," Moore says of Rebecca's state in the season 5 finale.
This Is Us star Chrissy Metz breaks down Kate's wedding shocker in the finale
"It's like this huge, massive pivot that you just didn't think it was ever going to really happen," the actress says.
You're the Worst: Three Rounds with the cast

The stars talk penis cages, Robert Downey Jr., and the healing power of donuts