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Melissa McCarthy was 'so nervous' to wear Chris Farley's jacket on SNL: 'I was just rattled'
"I literally was like, 'I'm either gonna black out or I'm gonna come through like a train.' So thank, thank God, I think I picked the train."
Bob Odenkirk credits Chris Farley for wanting to try dramatic acting: 'I can't compete with that'
The Better Call Saul star says his longtime friend inspired his path to more serious roles.
Bob Odenkirk says Chris Farley's appearance in Saturday Night Live 'Chippendales Audition' sketch was 'a huge bummer'
'F--- that sketch.' The Better Call Saul star explains why he is critical of the legendary sketch in his new autobiography Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama.
Tom Arnold says Chris Farley dancing naked on stage got his bachelor party ejected from strip club
Tom Arnold opened up about the late Chris Farley serving as best man for his wedding and revealed that he was the comedian's sponsor

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