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Lindsay Lohan's Falling for Christmas ending has an adorably queer twist
One of the characters in Lohan's Netflix holiday rom-com makes a surprise move at the end of the new movie.
Proof that the real Lindsay Lohan also exists in the Falling for Christmas universe
There's a scene in the new Netflix holiday rom-com that suggests the actress herself is a real person in the world of the film.
How Falling for Christmas could ignite the Lindsay Lohan renaissance
EW breaks down the unexpected way the star's new Netflix holiday rom-com could usher in the Lohanaissance for good.
Lindsay Lohan wanted to recreate Mean Girls 'Jingle Bell Rock' dance in Falling for Christmas
But she revealed that after further consideration, she went back on the initial pitch: "I was like, 'Oh, no, no, you can't touch 'Mean Girls'! Sorry, you can't do that."
Yes, that's Lindsay Lohan's sister in Falling for Christmas
Aliana Lohan has a small supporting role as Bianca the stylist in Netflix's new holiday rom-com.

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Lindsay Lohan (finally) releases a cover of 'Jingle Bell Rock' 18 years after Mean Girls
For Netflix's Falling for Christmas, Lohan recorded a new version of the song she re-popularized with Amanda Seyfried, Lacey Chabert, and Rachel McAdams in Mean Girls.
Lindsay Lohan sings 'Jingle Bell Rock' (again) with holiday amnesia in Falling for Christmas trailer
'Glee' alum Chord Overstreet cozies up to the actress after a nasty skiing accident in the new footage from Lohan's first major movie in nearly a decade.
'Tis the season (for amnesia) in first look at Lindsay Lohan's Netflix holiday rom-com

Lindsay Lohan is playing a spoiled hotel heiress who loses her memory in a skiing accident in a new Netflix rom-com — and now you can get a first look.