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Batwoman canceled after 3 seasons at the CW
"I am bummed, but full of gratitude," showrunner Caroline Dries said.
Batwoman boss says Mary and Luke are 'destined to be together'
While showrunner Caroline Dries doesn't want to rush HamilFox, she hopes to explore their relationship more in season 3.
Batwoman boss unpacks Kate Kane's finale fate and that 'intense' cliffhanger
Showrunner Caroline Dries discusses Batwing's future, season 2's lack of onscreen lesbian intimacy, and more.
New Batwoman photo reveals Stephanie Brown's debut in girls' night episode
Showrunner Caroline Dries teases one of the series' "most gruesome sequences" and "biggest revelations thus far."
Batwoman star Meagan Tandy on Sophie's shocking discovery
Batwoman showrunner Caroline Dries and Meagan Tandy explain how Sophie's big discovery creates 'a new dynamic' for the rest of season 2.

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